RR1162 Armor Hide Water Buffalo Bone Handles Small Toothpick pocket knife

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Rough Rider Armor Hide Toothpick The ancient craftsman of a Samurai warrior's armour used all of the materials that both man & nature provided. From hand-pounded steel to the thick leather and dense durable bone of the water buffalo, the Samurai's "Armor Hide" was ultimate protection from the enemy. The methods of creating the "Armor Hide" were passed from generation to generation. The Rough Rider "Armor Hide" knives honour those traditional methods of melting man-made and natural materials to create the perfect result, and these collectable knives can be passed on from generation to generation. Small Texas Toothpick. 3" closed. Stainless long clip blade and grey "Armor Hide" bone handle with grooved nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield.